Pollinator Week

In celebration of pollinator week, we are sharing an update on a new project that we have been building.  But first…a little background information to help lend some context to our endeavor.

As educators, we have been learning about pollinators through an educational lens.  As such, we have witnessed the beauty of true inquiry as it relates to experiential learning.  When students have the opportunity to learn with all of their senses, they will naturally begin to follow a path of questioning that develops their own knowledge. More importantly, students become personally invested in their learning when they feel comfortable enough to pose questions and confident enough to explore the answers.

This model for learning quickly became the base of our Pollinator Inquiry Project at our school.  Eventually, this project led us to our partnership with Bee City Canada and, in February 2016, we graciously accepted the title of the first Bee City School in Canada.  Since that time, our students have been getting outside and integrating everything that they have learned in class and in our community green space.

The next step of our journey will hopefully encourage the growth of the Bee School Program and Bee City Businesses.  We are working on valuable resources and curriculum that will support all people, schools and businesses to become Pollinator Protectors.  Please, join in the conversation here and let us know what you are doing in your community to welcome pollinators and embrace your own desire to learn.

*Photos are a sneak peek into some filming that we put together for our project.

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