4 thoughts on “Our Role in Pollination: Plant Flowers and Avoid Pesticide Contamination

  1. This TED talk is an important and useful piece when discussing pollination with students. It’s a great way to lead intermediate or secondary students into inquiry around pollination and our our role as consumers. I think the most effective images are the before and after in the grocery store. If pollination doesn’t take place, we are all forced to change our lifestyles and eating habits.

    1. Yeah I heard once that to have healthy and balanced eating habits, we should focus on the perimeter of the grocery store rather than the aisles. These are the areas that require pollination in our agricultural areas in order to produce and flourish. We’re all heading for the aisles if we don’t take action and reverse this trend

      1. I’m planning on speaking with my grade 4 students about bees in one of my Science classes. Are there any other videos available that would be helpful for our younger students?

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