Building Global Competencies by Studying our Pollinators

Through our Pollinator Inquiry Program, students are beginning to see themselves as Global Citizens and Agents of Change in relation to real issues. They are fascinated by this topic and educators, by engaging students in hands-on activities and experiential learning can connect this project to multiple curriculum strands

4 thoughts on “Building Global Competencies by Studying our Pollinators

  1. With your support Ashleigh and Bee City Canada, my students and I are so excited to start our inquiry process. My students have already started to look into supporting their own community build and sustain pollinator gardens through the Future Design School and I Think models. They not only have begun to understand the importance of this learning, but the importance of teaching the community as well. Thank you for setting us on this journey!

  2. Thank you Ashleigh and Doug. I’m so glad of being part of the Bee City Comittee. Since last year, I have being working with my grade 2 and 3 on different way to help bees. My class were working on a research projects to learm more on how we can help bees. Also planting flowers and being part of the Pollinator Fair. What an excellent learning opportunity for our students. Looking forward on starting our Tredway Woodsworth Garden.

    1. Thanks for sharing Zakia. I agree, the kids seem to be right on board with this experiential learning. Now that the weather is nice, it’s time to get our hands dirty!! looking forward to seeing some pics of your progress! – Doug

  3. This program allows students to take ownership of their learning and in turn, feel confident about their impact on the school community. Getting students outside makes learning authentic and organic.

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